Our Vision

“Exotic plants that can make you feel lighter, brighter and connected”.

Our Team

We are a team of two (Tinu C, Founder and Aakash Chozakade Co-Founder ) who share the interest of being nature enthusiasts.

2 Founders

  • Tinu C - Founder

  • Dr. Aakash - Founder

Our Story

We always wanted to give something back to nature and knew that we would achieve this at some point in time, but did not exactly know when and how to start transitioning our dream to reality.

It was in the late 2017, when we were attending a plant exhibition conducted by some naturalists in Kochi the exotic plants section grabbed our attention.

The exclusivity and aesthetics of different plant types, especially the terrariums and air plants hooked us immediately. From there on, we spent hours on research and trials to design something that could spread the “feel-good” factor. Being a graphic designer, my thoughts always revolved around the aesthetics of what we want to offer the world with.

We worked around the concept of “projecting nature in a pot”. Four months of continuous research and thought processes enabled them to mark our vision: “Exotic plants that can make you feel lighter, brighter and connected”.

We started collecting, customizing and designing different plant types that aligned with our vision. We strived for uniqueness in whatever was designed with no compromise on the feel-good factor.

All we wanted to do was to spread the feeling far and beyond while indirectly projecting the value of nature to the bring screen and how beautiful Mother Nature actually is if we commit to preserve it.

In 2019, we decided to take the venture to the next level and here we are featuring our most sought out products. For us, it’s not a business, it’s our passion that we want to extend to the nature lovers out there while enlightening the importance of preserving nature.

Thanks for your interest in Potgreen!

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