Air Plant a.k.a. Tillandsia are evergreen, perennial flowering plants belonging to the Bromeliaceae plant family. With over 650 species native to forests, deserts and mountains, air plants grow differently compared to the majority of the other house plants.

  • Watering Your Air Plants

    Soak your air plant in room temperature tap water/well water/pond water for 5-10 minute once or twice a week.

    To prevent the plant from rotting, it is important to place it upside down and let it dry for up to 3 hours in adequate light.

    Mist your plant thoroughly once every week and ensure that the entire leaf surfaces get moistened.

    It is ideal to mist and water the plan during morning

    Watering Your Air Plants
  • Lighting Your Air Plants

    Bright indirect light is what air plants need to thrive well. It is ideal to place them close to the windows in your house, however, be mindful when the conditions are too hot.

    The higher the humidity, higher the tolerance level of your air plant to the light.

    lighting Your Air Plants
  • Artificial Light

    If you wish to place the plant indoors with less lighting, you have to provide artificial full spectrum or fluorescent lighting for best results. Bear in mind the plant should be not more than 3 feet away from the light source and it requires 12 hours of light exposure.

    Artificial Light
  • Temperature

    Tillandsia are easy going when it comes to temperature requirements with an optimum temperature requirement between 50-90 degrees F. Exposing air plants to extreme temperature (hot sun or strong winter) for long durations is not recommended.

  • Fertilizer

    Pond and aquarium water are the ideal replacements of fertilizer for air plants. However, in case of scarcity of these water types, we recommend Orchid or Bromeliad fertilizers. These fertilizers are water soluble and hence easy to be incorporated into your water regimen. Sticking to a usage frequency of once or twice a month can encourage your air plant to blossom and reproduce.

  • Replanting an air plant pups

    Air plants start to produce pups or offshoots during the bloom time. A distinctive centre or head distinguishes the pups from other leaves. Once the pup becomes at least 1/3rd of the plant, you can remove it.

    Pulling the pup in a downward motion after holding both the mother and the pup firmly from the base will help you remove the pup from the mother plant. Note that the mother air plant is not dead yet and can continue producing offshoots for you.

    You can also use a razor to separate the pup from the mother plant. While using a razor, make sure to slice at the farthest point of the pup stem close to the mother plant as possible.

    To replant the pup, you can mount it on any surface that you have been using to grow the mother air plant. Since air plants can grow in most surfaces, you just have to ensure that the pups are misted on a daily basis.

    Replanting an air plant pups

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