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Air Plants FAQ’s

  • If I can’t order online, how do I place an order?

    Air plants are available to order online via whatsApp. Terrarium and succulents & cactus are presently available only in-store.

  • How will the order be delivered once I place the order?

    The orders will be delivered through a reputed national courier company after being securely packed and labelled regarding the perishability of the plants.

  • What is the estimated delivery time once I place a single or bulk order?

    The delivery time will depend on the address and the distance, care will be taken to deliver it at the earliest.

  • Are there any other ways that the air plants can be utilised?

    Air plants can be used as ornamental, decorative and green gifting options.

Common FAQ’s

  • Can I order online?

    Presently, you can only order air plants online (via Whatsapp). Terrarium and Succulents & Cactus are only available in-store.

  • Can you custom design a product on request?

    Terrariums can be custom-designed to the specifications of the customers.

  • Are all these live plants? Or ornamental artificial plants are also used?

    Yes, these are air plants and succulents which are used as indoor plants.

  • What are your return/refund policies?

    Plants once received cannot be returned or refunded.

  • Are delivery charges levied on the products?

    Delivery charges are extra and depend on the address and the quantity of products.

  • Do the terrarium come only in standard size and arrangement? Can custom designing be done?

    Terrarium can be custom made keeping in mind the requirements put forth by the customers.

  • How to proceed with payment?

    Payment can be done using various payment apps like Gpay/Paytm/Phonepay once the order is confirmed through whatsapp.

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